Masonic Development Course (MDC)
(Limited seating to only 15 Brothers)

Registration Open

Room 1818
Masonic Hall
(71 West 23rd Street, NYC)
Redistriation Deadline:

Road to the East
(Limited seating to only 12 Brothers)

Room 1818
Masonic Hall
(71 West 23rd Street, NYC)

9:00 AM
Redistriation Deadline:

The Masters Chair
(Limited seating to only 12 Brothers)

Room 1818
Masonic Hall
(71 West 23rd Street, NYC)

The Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge
Reading Courses by mail or visit the Library in the Masonic Hall
Vast collection of masonic related materials, publications, etc.

Short Talk Bulletin (Masonic Service Association of North America)
List of Masonic Topics availalbe from MSANA for a small fee

Masonic University of New York
To improve the caliber of leadership and education at all levels of Freemasonry in the Grand Lodge of New York by developing, implementing and maintaining programs of advanced instructional reseources, forums and mentors to  meet the current as well as future needs of the craft in this jurisdiction

Twenty-Four Inch Gauge
Masonic Resource Guide, can be bought from the Lodge Services of the Grand Lodge.  A very valuable resource for a brother on his way to the east.

Road to the East (LIMITED SEATING to 12 Brothers) Registration Deadline is   - Course Fee [$10.00 includes Certificate and pin] make checks payable to The Fourth Manhattan District Education Committee)
To educate the member in the Duties of the Master and his Responisbilities regarding the Ritual, History, Uniderstanding of Masonry and the Success and Growth of the Lodge.  Prospective participants must be in pocession of the 24 inch Gauge, Masonic Law of New York, Ritual Book, The Compleat Master and the Masonic Etiquette before registering for the course. Booklist for this course as well as its price are in the inthe book list and more flyer below. See schedule on the left.

Masonic Development Course (LIMITED SEATING to 15 Brothers)    Course Fee [$20.00 includes book, Certificate and pin] Please make checks payable to The Fourth Manhattan District Education Committee)
To educate the member in each of the Three Masonic Degrees,regarding the Ritual, History and Symbolic meaning of Masonry

Leadership Development Course (This program is now available online. You can register at  http://www.e-muny.net/moodle)

The Master's Chair - a new course meant for the brother who is to take the task of being Worshipful Master of his lodge.  The course to be given by the Staff Officer.  The materials for the course is currently sponsored by the Leadeship & Education Committee of our Grand Lodge.  The only cost to us will be our meeting place. 

Compleat Master (Primer for the East) (Book of Lectures, essays)
A book of lectures and essays that can be used as a basis for lodge Masonic Education talks and lodge notice articles for Worshipful Masters.  Book is available for ordering through Grand Lodge's Ladge Services.  Book is meant for brothers seating in the east but can be bought by anyone. ($12.50 plus tax, shipping and handling)

Individual Development Course
This program is designed to empower the participant to meet every day obstacles head on but also to see them as opportunities for personal positive growthand to help the participant achieve success in every endeavour.

Grand Lodge of the Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York
This is the website of our Grand Lodge

MasonicWorld.com (Educational Center)
A site full of Masonic Reading Resources, some are copies of Short talk Bulletins, some from writings of Past Grand Masters frfom different Jurisdictions.
Staff Officer's Page
An Educated Mason is a Dedicated Mason.
Click here for the compleat_master_fill_out_form.pdf
Click Here Road_to_the_East_Syllabus.pdf
The Glorious Fourth